Who runs The Hidden Wiki?

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Who runs the hidden wiki

Short answer : no one.

   Long answer :

The administration character of The Hidden Wiki is not a centralized type. This gigantic information source platform allways aimed at connecting the deep web community by allowing individuals to supply data for it's database freely and present day that has no changed. Anyone can edit and add it, some pages are protected to prevent vandalism but as long as one has pure intentions to contribute for others to benefit from those intel then you can go to The Hidden Wiki right now and get to work. That's how it got so big and successful over time because it's a unique place that like-minded people created as a pond of 100% free information and freedom. There is however an individual which stamped his mark which served the purpose of The Hidden Wiki well and who has grown the platform's popularity among users and he is known as ION. Obviously that's not a real name just like Satoshi Nakamoto used one to launch Bitcoin but it still is an important figure in the space.
During march 10, 2014 FBI joined forces with other law enforcement figures to try and bring down many of deep web sites including The Hidden Wiki and they managed to do it by getting to the server and seizing the domain. The administrators swiftly handled the problem by migrating to another server and domain. Since then the official link has been online serving the community with juicy stuff.

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