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The Hidden Wiki Tor and Wasabi wallet

   People who use The Hidden Wiki links do know what they want usually and when you're purchasing products border line limit to legality or even crossing that line you want to make sure your payments are clean and safe as you don't want to hear knocks on the door at 5 am. Wasabi crypto wallet is one of the best simple option for an individual using Bitcoin and want to keep it as private as possible because the main advantage of this wallet is a function called CoinJoins. CoinJoins makes BTC transfers more secure by combining more coins from more people into one transaction. By this process it hides the information regarding who's the input and output and the cherry on the cake, it routes all the transfers via Tor browser which camouflages the IP address.

   But that is not all, they went all the extra mile by commisioning the user to verify the transfer and not the server by using a protocol they name ,,Neutrino'' this way even if the server gets compromised your coins are not lost.

   It's a complex piese of software, it's interface is not the most friendly but all the hard work is done behind the scenes so you don't have to manually secure every action. When you first open it you'll be prompted to create a new wallet by choosing a username and a pasword which will automatically provide you with a set of unique words called a ,,recovery phrase''.

Another fascinating option is be able to hide all the sensitive data like the amount of bitcoin you're holding in the wallet or the number of your transactions and their details etc at the click of a button, that way when you are at work and buying some ,,smokable'' from The Hidden Wiki while you are bored at work, your colleague won't be able to see exactly what you're doing. It's also open source so the community can verify and contribute to the project which is important because you can only trust open source.

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