The Hidden Wiki Explained

The place to visit before you transit into the deep and dark web world

The Hidden Wiki Explained

If you ever looked at a Wikipedia page then it will be much easier to understand how The Hidden Wiki works. It is in essence the same information provider but living in two totally separate and different worlds, one (the regular wikipedia) you can access via your normal web surfer and the latter can only be gazed at via the onion network, more specifically via Tor Browser. The Hidden Wiki is based on the same design and arhitecture layer as the regular Wikipedia and it's been that way since it has been created in 2007 and since it was created it's an ever growing database holding the most precious deep web links to onion services once would want to visit. To this day there is no serious competitor in terms of dark web link directory and there probably never will as long as The Hidden Wiki and the onion enviroment keeps sowing new services.

One might wonder why do we need The Hidden Wiki and why is it such an important piece of puzzle for us and that is a good question. You simply can't just start tor browser and think you are going to stumble into what you think you need. When you want to find out the population of the world or what's the largest ocean on planet Earth or how many people got infected with Coronavirus most definitely Wikipedia is what you will utilize. That is how you make use of The Hidden Wiki when you need the latest deep web url's. You'll find vendors of all nature from cards and general financial providers, to news from the dark web to hacking guides paid and free, to revolution forums and how to stay protected if you are from a part of the world where they censor you and to anonymous chat platforms so you can get in touch and get that plans closer to reality, you name it and it is probably something you can find on The Hidden Wiki.

Don't be surprised if you see The Hidden Wiki's name listed on big news platforms and in articles talking about deep web links as it allways signified a key starting point on the hidden world.

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